Adult Dog

These classes are suitable for dogs that have no or little previous training experience. Dogs can start coming to class from 18 weeks of age. There is no set length for this class. Owners can come for 6 weeks or 6 months or even longer if they wish!

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Behavioural Consultations

Most behaviours that owners find unacceptable are perfectly normal for dogs. It is important to search for the root cause thinking about what the dog needs and how we can satisfy those needs in an acceptable way rather than just trying to fix the behaviour and suppress their natural instincts.

Puppy Life

Puppies can start coming to class from 12 weeks of age and up to 18 weeks. The course runs for 6 weeks and during this time your puppy will learn the basic dog obedience commands. We will also discuss common issues owners face when raising a puppy.


Occasionally classes and workshops are not the ideal environment for some dogs and owners. These dogs still need the opportunity to become well mannered and adjusted members of society and owners should have the opportunity to have fun training their dogs.